WPS connect failed

Posted by FiveHome on 8th Aug 2018

Here is three main reason why WPS setup failed

  1. Only press onside WPS button
    For WPS you need to press host router WPS button than press extender WPS button. If you only press one side the WPS setup will be unsuccessful. Otherwise, the time interval can't not exceed 2 minutes.
  2. The distance between host router and extender is too far
    When you first time setup your extender, I suggest you put your host router and your extender in one room. It can 100% make sure your extender can receive your host router WiFi signal.
  3. Extender and host routers are running
    Check extender and host router are running, for extender if the WiFi and power LED lights lit, the extender is normal running. For your host router please ues your WiFi device test.

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