Enter management page failed

Before you satrt this trouble shooting processs please check:

Well connect the extender to power supply´╝îWiFi and power LDE lights lit.

When you first time setup the extender, please make sure you extender and host router in one room. After setup successful you can change the extender position if extender LED light turn green expand successful.


Trouble shooting for enter setting page fail:

  1. Connet with extender WiFi signal

    You can found extender WiFi SSID on the back of your extender.
    Note: Please confirm that you are connected to the extender's WiFi signal. If you are connected to the WiFi signal of the main router, you will not be able to login to

  2. Check your IP address and  password 

    IP address:
    password: admin 

  3. Check your IP address
    The setting page IP address is

    Note: Please confirm that you entered IP address in the IP address bar. If you enetered this  in the search engine, you will not be able to login to


If still no help: 

Try using a different web browser to verify that the issue is not browser related

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are free browsers and are available for all major operating systems.


Try to use different devices to connect, smart and laptop

Make sure, if it is the extender problem.


If the computer does not specify or get the correct IP address

It will cause no login management interface.
Please make sure that the IP address of the operation computer is automatically acquired.

Obtain an IP address automatically:

Windows 8 or higher

Mac OS®

If still no work, reset the wireless range extender

See, How to reset the FW-AC 300 extender.