FiveHome FW-AC 300 WiFi Range Extender 300Mbps

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FiveHome FA-AC 300 setup video

Before you start 

Notice: before you start please check this three things

  • Ensure extender well connect with power supply.
  • Ensure your phone or computer connect with extender WiFi SSID.
  • Ensure host router and extender in one room, after setup successful you can change extender position.

Setup steps

  1. Connent extender WiFi signal 
    The extender WiFi SSID is: ICODE-XXXX(last 4 MAC numbers)
    Enter the Ip address on browser IP address bar

  2. Enter default password:  admin
    Display, and check this password is correct.
  3. Select host router SSID
  4. Enter your host router password after selection
    Display, check your password 

  5. Set your extender SSID and password and Wi-Fi encryption type

    Modify your extender SSID, don’t select hidden network.

    Choose your Encryption type
    Recommend Auth Mode: WPAPSK/WPA2PSK
    Recommend Encrypt Type: TKIP/AES
  6. Check details and make a note of the Wireless Info
  7. Setup successful. After extender light turn green, connect your range extender SSID to get started.


FiveHome FW-AC 300 setup video 

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