Sunrise Wake Up Light Alarm Clock, FiveHome White Noise Sound Machine with FM Radio, 11 Colors Night Light, 18 Natural Sounds, Sleep Timer, Dual Alarm, Snooze, Temperature Display

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  • 【ALL-IN -ONE DESIGN】This Sunrise Clock comes with all the features necessary to help your family sleep better and wake-up refreshed! Sunrise wake-up light gradually changes the brightness from dark to bright yellow before the alarm clock goes off to wake you up gently .The Sleep machine function with 14 soothing sounds designed to block ambient noise and give you some of the best sleep you’ve ever had.FM Radio offer up to 50 channels. Moreover, the radio can also be set to alarm.
  • 【SUNRISE WAKE UP LIGHT】Sunrise simulation, similar to a sunrise Wake Up Light : you can have 30 minutes light up before your alarm time,there will be on from 5% to 100% at set time to bring you out of deep sleep gently. The touch sensor night light has 11 colors and 4 brightness warm light. Besides , you can choose from 18 different alarm music to wake you up.
  • 【WHITE NOISE SOUND MACHINE】This sound machine creates relaxing and sleep atomosphere by offering exquisite listening experience. Choose from 14 high-quality smoothing sounds: White Noise, Thunder, Ocean, Rain, Summer Night,Cricket, Bird, Sea Wave. Features AUTO-OFF TIMER or play whole night continuously.
  • 【FM RADIO CLOCK】FM radio lets you sleep or wake you up with your favorite radio, you can set radio alarm to turn on automatically . You also can memory up to 50 FM radio stations with search once. 0-8 level volume adjustable. Speaker is loud and clear.
  • 【MULTIFUNCTION ALARM CLOCK】Benefit sleep timer function lets you fall asleep with night light for a certain time (15-120 minutes optional) then auto turn off. 2 Alarms for weekdays and weekends.Features snooze, 12/24 hour format, 0-8 level volume, display temperature and child lock. Come with USB cord and charger.





Is every morning a struggle to wake up?

FiveHome wake-up light is designed to simulate sunrise to gradually wake you up in the mornings naturally rather than abruptly with a loud noise. It is a great way to regulate your body clock and help you wake up naturally in the mornings ready to tackle the day.






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Touch the RGB color light button to change 11 color night lights including 7 pure colors, 1 mix color, 1 pure color cycle and 2 mix color cycles. The brightness is changeable. It gives you a better touch feeling just like a textured artwork.


Sunrise simulation, similar to sunrise: 30 minutes light up before your alarm time with the brightness from 5% to 100% so as to bring you out of deep sleep gently. Therefore, you will have a comfortable and sunny morning.


21 Sounds including 17 sleep sounds and 4 alarm sounds. The 17 high-quality smoothing sounds can be AUTO-OFF by a TIMER or played for a whole night continuously. With a better built-in speaker, the sound could be louder and clearlier. The volume is 0-10 level adjustable.


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Sleep Timer

Benefit sleep timer function makes you fall sleep with night light on for certain time (15, 30, 60, 120 minutes) optional, then auto turn off. Or you can leave the light on for the whole night.

Dual Alarm for Weekdays & Weekends

Set Alarm 1 for Monday - Friday,
Alarm 2 for Monday - Sunday.
For each, you can separately set the alarm time, light colors and alarm sounds.

Temperature Detect

With temperature sensor, it monitors the indoor temperature. Just like a companion to protect your health.


Snooze function gives you extra 5, 9, 15 minutes optional to sleep. Press snooze button to turn on the snooze function. Press any other buttons to turn off the alarm.




A perfect gift for everyone, no matter for the old or the young, adults or children, heavy sleeper or light sleeper, night owl, insomniac or fresh parents. Especially suitable for any festival like Christmas, Thanksgiving , birthdays, holidays, weddings, anniversaries etc.


1 * Wake Up Light Alarm Clock

1 * 5V/2A Charger

1 * USB Cable

1 * User Manual